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FAZER REVIEW OF AWAKING STATE LIVE (March 19th 2010) - Vanessa Markov -  www.fazermagazine.com/new/viewPost.php
"Last Friday, I walked into Velvet Underground and was immediately entranced by the intense audio/visual experience otherwise known as Awaking State, whose darkly energetic alternative rock sound is dominated by an electronic edge, reminiscent of the sounds created by Nine Inch Nails and Econoline Crush."

ONE CONDOMS - onecondoms.com/listen/awakingstate.htm

EXPLORE MUSIC - 5 Songs You Gotta Hear (December 2 2009) - Alan Cross - exploremusic.com/show/five-songs-you-gotta-hear-for-december-2-2009/
Song 1 For December 2nd 2009  - “Cities Burn Down” by Awaking State
I've been following this guy named Kent Martell. He’s a super music fan from Toronto who came in to see him with some demos over the years. But he had ambition for his band, which he calls “Awaking State”. Kent attracted the attention of Sylvia Massy, one of Tool’s producers. She invited Kent and the band down to her studio and helped mould those demos.
Two songs were picked and put into a beautiful press package. This is how you stand out from the pile of stuff that comes in the mail every day. This is gorgeous. I’m going take pictures and post them on the website so you can see the work that went into this.
One of the two songs that came with the press pack is called “Cities Burn Down”. Tool, Nine Inch Nails, early Filter—that’s the headspace.
There’s an EP called “Into The Machine” out now, but something more is coming in the spring. Keep an eye out for these people.


KENAI ANDREWS ONLINE  (September 21 2009) - Kenai Andrews - kenaiandrewsonline.blogspot.com/2009/09/awaking-state-top-10-finalists-in.html
"Kenai Andrews Online was introduced to AS about a year ago via lead singer and guitarist Kent Martell and is a fan of their music. Their EP, "Into the Machine" is in circulation, and produced by industry legend Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, Prince, Aerosmith). Check them out here and then vote online for them here daily to send them through."

FYI MUSIC (September 2009) -

EXPLORE MUSIC (September 10 2009) - Alan Cross - exploremusic.com/essential-reading/a-canadian-band-takes-on-the-world/
"Through any given year, I get a chance to meet with a variety of young bands which are just starting out. A couple of years ago, I met Kent Martell, an ambitious dude who managed to make friends with Sylvia Massy, producer of Tool’s Opiate and Undertow, some System of a Down and even a little Prince. Kent convinced Sylvia that his brand new baby band, Awaking State, was worth something."

FAZER INTERVIEW AT CUTTING EDGE MUSIC FESTIVAL (August 2009) - Alex Young - www.fazermagazine.com/new/viewPost.php
"Awaking State is a five-piece industrial/alternative rock band that is slowly building a following in Canada and recently played Cutting Edge Music Festival this summer. They’re currently hitting cities across Ontario with their massive sound consisting of raw distortion and dark electronics as they prepare to unleash their untitled debut album."

SUPERNOVA (Summer 2009) - Corina Newby - www.supernova.com/features/979/Awaking-State/
"Awaking State has been slowly creeping into the spotlight, gaining momentum with a unique blend of industrial, alt rock, electronica and drums'n'bass that seems to dominate the stage every time they play."


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